The Modern, Fort Worth.

The weight of the world.

By Giacometti.

There’s sometimes action out of my window.

Got a new room, with view on the East River. Much upgrade.

Wind tunnel model. Most beautiful item at the Musée des Confluence.

Anna going a bit overboard: crunchy speculoos, crème fraîche, and… maple syrup.

Party prep (Marshmallows + Jello powder)

Place des moulins, Marseille.

“The Cloud” of Lyon’s Musée des Confluences, seen from the roof.

A holiday sight.

Ball and bridge.

At Copenhagen Street Food. (Yes, here, street food is a place.)


Making spruce beer, attempt #2.

Slovenian/Italian “rainy day”. Imagine how nice it is when it’s sunny.

“New” Carlsberg’s cellars.

Ja tak.

Just before Nyborg.

Just because it’s blue. Just because it’s green.

Wayne Siegel performing next to an Alexander Calder mobile.

Chapter One, Berlin.