Bread #2.

The Modern, Fort Worth.

The weight of the world.

By Giacometti.

There’s sometimes action out of my window.

Got a new room, with view on the East River. Much upgrade.

Wind tunnel model. Most beautiful item at the Musée des Confluence.

Anna going a bit overboard: crunchy speculoos, crème fraîche, and… maple syrup.

Party prep (Marshmallows + Jello powder)

Place des moulins, Marseille.

“The Cloud” of Lyon’s Musée des Confluences, seen from the roof.

A holiday sight.

Ball and bridge.

At Copenhagen Street Food. (Yes, here, street food is a place.)


Making spruce beer, attempt #2.

Slovenian/Italian “rainy day”. Imagine how nice it is when it’s sunny.

“New” Carlsberg’s cellars.

Ja tak.

Just before Nyborg.

Just because it’s blue. Just because it’s green.