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2023-01-05: Amy Winehouse (feat. Blackmer): Great song by Burlington, VT, artist Willverine.

2022-12-27: 2022 Holiday Newsletter This is installment #6 of the annual newsletter I share with my colleagues at Enthought (previous …


2022-07-25: The kitchen sink: with interrelationship and causal diagrams Yesterday, I used Ryan Singer’s interrelationship and causal diagrams to remove a water filtering …

2022-02-04: Tools for Shaping Ryan Singer walks through his process for solving problems and writing up solutions (shaping and …

2022-02-03: Brik Font Craig Ward’s Brik Font project gives me a huge smile but also hurts my brain. Am I seeing …

2022-02-02: Centre d’Expérimentation Musicale - Gaël Chabot-Leclerc, créateur en résidence - Facebook My …

2022-01-25: The first credit card was introduced in 1950. Store credit, installment credit, personal loans, …

2022-01-15: Moxie Marlinspike >> My first impressions of web3. Overall, not positive. I knew the “art” of …

2022-01-13: San Salvador, the Band San Salvador is a voice and percussions ensemble who sings in Occitan, or “langue …

2021-12-27: Giacometti – Grande femme debout I. MFA, Houston.

2021-12-22: 2021 Holiday Newsletter This is installment #5 of the annual holiday newsletter I share with my colleagues at Enthought. …

2021-10-02: Empowering users to prototype what they need Jon Udell, A virtuous cycle for analytics: We recognize this software pattern in the way …

2021-09-18: Zilker Park parking

2021-09-04: Thème de Yoyo The amazing song Thème de Yoyo is in fact a 1970 piece by the Art Ensemble of Chicago and not by …

2021-08-27: In a 2016 study, the Harvard economist Raj Chetty and his research team found that the difference in …

2021-07-09: Peddling the Bike Peddler's Pedals Last night, thieves rammed through the Bike Peddler’s front door with a pick up truck and …

2021-07-05: The world is a strange and wonderful place. Scott McCloud, of Understanding Comics fame, made a …

2021-06-09: I had a dough ball remaining from last night so I made a carbonara pizza for breakfast. Bake crust …

2021-05-30: Main staircase. Blanton museum, Austin, TX.

2021-05-26: From Cloudflare: Humanity wastes about 500 years per day on CAPTCHAs. It’s time to end this madness. …

2021-05-23: Austin, TX

2021-05-16: The Meatloaf Theory of Jobs My partner and I love food. On a 0-to-10 scale, all foods have a chance of reaching the highest …

2021-05-13: Currently reading: The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters by Priya Parker 📚

2021-05-09: What an odd Big Sur bug. VS Code’s dock icon is minuscule and impossible to click on. It …

2021-05-01: Deeply Learned Typography Tom7 creates the uppestcase and lowestcase letters by training two deep learning models: one to …

2021-04-11: Two loaves of Ken Forkish’s Overnight Country Blonde. After a 15h bulk rise at 23ºC, the dough …

2021-04-04: Publishing datasette to Google Cloud Compute with GitHub Actions Simon Willison has a fascinating data-publishing and data-management project named datasette. A few …

2021-03-13: The discussion on symbiotic relationships between apps on the latest Core Intuition by @manton and …

2021-03-11: What is the maximum one can be doing with someone else and still be hanging out?

2021-03-06: Austin Kleon talks about the 13-month International Fixed Calendar. It reminds of the ISO week …

2021-02-21: Despite all the damage done by the ice in Texas, it still created quite a bit of beauty (or at least …

2021-02-21: Icicle agave during the Texas winter storm.

2021-01-23: Lessons Learned During My PhD I shared these notes with my friends and colleagues at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) …

2021-01-12: They could have used additional time during the bulk fermentation to account for the cold, but it’s …

2021-01-11: Great Resident Advisor podcast episode. Noisy, glitchy, grimy, dark. RA.760 Hyph11E ⟋ RA Podcast🎵

2021-01-10: Installing air filters in classrooms has surprisingly large educational benefits […] Math scores …

2020-12-31: – Home Alone: A Post Incident Review It’s so many things in one: a movie review, an intro to …

2020-12-26: Ad Fontes Media rates media outlets according to their bias and reliability. 1) factual reporting …

2020-12-22: In Hard to discover tips and apps for making macOS pleasant Tristan Hume says: Chrome and Firefox …

2020-12-20: 2020 Holiday Newsletter For the past 4 years, just before the holidays, I’ve sent a newsletter to my colleagues about …

2020-12-06: I just finished reading Thinking in Systems: A Primer by Donella H. Meadows. I believe sometimes one …

2020-10-14: Austin, TX, 8:15. Morning walk around the neighborhood. There are many good Halloween decorations, …

2020-09-22: Given what happened to the other saguaro, it makes me fear that this one will fall too.

2020-09-22: I took this photo of a saguaro a month ago. It had been partially burnt during the fires that …

2020-06-05: Custom URL Handler for Files With Unique IDs Yesterday I read a series of posts on custom URL scheme handlers on the Zettelkasten forums. The …

2020-05-30: What does %matplotlib do in IPython? TLDR; Use %matplotlib if you want interactive plotting with matplotlib. If you’re only …

2019-12-16: 2019 Holiday Newsletter Every year since 2017 I send my colleague a long email about ideas and media I’ve come across …

2018-12-21: 2018 Holiday Newsletter This is the 2nd installment of an email I sent to my Enthought colleagues just before the Christmas …

2018-07-13: Manually Merging Day One Journals My first Day One entry is from January 24, 2012. I used it often to take note about what I was doing …

2017-12-19: 2017 Holiday Newsletter This is the first installment of what became a yearly email I sent to my colleagues at Enthought. Hi …

2017-05-16: By far the best thing I’ve seen at Disney World so far.

2016-11-24: Bread #2.




2016-08-27: The Modern, Fort Worth.

2016-08-06: The weight of the world.

2016-07-30: By Giacometti.

2016-06-21: There’s sometimes action out of my window.

2016-06-20: Got a new room, with view on the East River. Much upgrade.

2015-11-24: Wind tunnel model. Most beautiful item at the Musée des Confluence.

2015-11-15: Anna going a bit overboard: crunchy speculoos, crème fraîche, and… maple syrup.

2015-11-07: Party prep (Marshmallows + Jello powder)

2015-10-31: Place des moulins, Marseille.

2015-10-31: “The Cloud” of Lyon’s Musée des Confluences, seen from the roof.

2015-10-24: A holiday sight.

2015-08-28: Ball and bridge.

2015-07-07: At Copenhagen Street Food. (Yes, here, street food is a place.)

2015-05-30: Octohook.

2015-05-24: Making spruce beer, attempt #2.

2015-04-03: Slovenian/Italian “rainy day”. Imagine how nice it is when it’s sunny.

2014-06-17: “New” Carlsberg’s cellars.


2014-01-28: Ja tak.

2013-08-28: Just before Nyborg.

2013-08-25: Just because it’s blue. Just because it’s green.


2013-08-04: Wayne Siegel performing next to an Alexander Calder mobile.

2013-07-22: Chapter One, Berlin.

2013-07-05: Old Fashioned with Bitter Truth Old Time bitters. Chilled with a really cool spherical ice cube!

2013-07-03: The perfect personal hygiene kit.

2013-07-01: One sad fellow.


2013-04-14: The typical ingredients.


2013-02-10: That panda must have been nice, before it overdosed…

2013-02-09: Charming underground section of Ataturk airport.

2013-02-09: My new favorite Turkish expression — SALT Beyoglu

2013-01-13: Freezerman.

2013-01-07: This guy’s not going anywhere anytime soon.


2012-12-14: Talk by 2012 Pysics Nobel Prize winner. Yes, that font is Comis Sans.

2012-12-14: Securitas: making sure your door doesn’t get stolen, every day.


2012-11-02: This is how it ends.

2012-05-27: Not on the street side.

2012-05-17: Party hut

2012-05-05: Palm house

2012-05-05: Just another day in Copenhagen’s rain forrest.

2012-04-14: PF/ESN DTU After Easter party

2012-03-31: World’s first QR code - Ryszard Winiarskyx 1936

2012-02-05: C’est arrivé la nuit dernière.

2012-02-01: Looking into Escher’s mirror ball.

2012-02-01: This time for two, still at the Amsterdam Library.

2012-02-01: Brother in a box.

2012-01-31: For those who’ve seen my other photos. You might recognize the Ørsteds Kolegium, no surprise, …

2012-01-31: A 12.50€, bio, local, natural, dinner at the Amsterdam Library.

2012-01-29: Whoa! Bon matin!

2012-01-05: Škocjanske Jame exit - Slovenia


2012-01-05: I was here.

2012-01-05: Shush

2011-12-31: New year’s eve pizza, in a pizza oven, in a fourth floor apartment.

2011-12-20: Jessica Morin - CNE Jonquière

2011-11-13: Pandoro (this one I did not make)

2011-11-11: Chocolate raspberry cake

2011-10-23: Detail - Hundertwasser house

2011-10-23: Vienna - That’s what they call “a bike lane”.

2011-10-23: Vienna - ? What !?

2011-10-23: MUMOK - Giacometti, Femme debout III




2011-09-13: Main staircase, Neues Museum

2011-09-13: “Colosal statue of Helios”—Neues Museum

2011-09-13: Berlin Green Head, Neues Museum

2011-09-12: Bembeltown

2011-09-12: Hasenheide, Berlin

2011-09-12: Carts, Kreuzberg

2011-09-12: How do you call the Trees in Lord of the Ring?

2011-09-12: “It was as simple as that”, Jewish Museum Berlin

2011-09-11: Fisch & Meh

2011-09-11: Jewish Museum, Berlin

2011-09-11: Offices, Jewish Museum, Berlin

2011-09-11: Maybe Gotham City

2011-09-11: Oranienstraße

2011-09-10: Mercedes Berlin

2011-09-10: Ausfahrt / Einfahrt

2011-09-10: Upper East Side Berlin, Frederichstraße

2011-09-10: KMS California, Berlin

2011-09-10: Internationales Handelszenirum, Berlin

2011-09-10: Hackeshe Höfe

2011-09-10: Monbijoustraße, Berlin

2011-09-10: Johannisstraße, Berlin

2011-09-10: 1:00

2011-09-08: The Spoon

2011-09-06: The Owl

2011-09-05: Lockers, at Ørestad Gymnasium

2011-09-05: The Drums, at Ørestad Gymnasium




2011-08-30: It’s like being there.

2011-08-30: Yellow Submarine

2011-07-08: CPH opera house by night

2011-07-08: Ceiling lights over the foyer

2011-07-06: Diffracted light on station floor (original photo)



2011-07-05: Thomas Schütte - One Man House V

2011-07-05: Alexander Brodsky - Settlement

2011-07-05: Alexander Brodsky - Settlement

2011-07-05: Arne Quinze - My Home My House My Stilthouse



2011-07-04: Ørstads boulevard 57


2011-07-04: Kongens Have “lake”


2011-06-25: Gerbeaud sundae

2011-06-24: Opera house, Budapest

2011-06-24: Opera house, side, Budapest

2011-06-24: Opéra House, Budapest

2011-06-23: Nagycsarnork

2011-06-23: Nagycsarnok

2011-06-23: Puerla, 1000 Tea, Budapest

2011-06-23: Inner Town Parish Church

2011-06-22: Elevator ceiling, Alexandra Bookstore, Budapest

2011-06-22: Ceiling of the Alexandra bookshop’s cafe, Budapest

2011-06-22: Telefon, Budapest


2011-06-19: Somewhere where horses usually hang out




2011-06-08: Canadian Maple

2011-06-06: I’m blue.

2011-06-05: Polyp

2011-06-05: Double Shot




2011-05-21: It’s just around the corner


2011-05-10: I need a haircut

2011-05-08: Rooftop

2011-05-08: View on the Alhambra

2011-05-08: Plaza Nueva, Granada

2011-05-07: In Al Alhambra

2011-05-06: Torre del Cubo

2011-05-06: Generalife


2011-05-02: Malaga




2011-05-01: Over danish waters.




2011-04-11: Mestre, Italy

2011-04-11: Campo Santa Maria Zobenigo Odel Giglio

2011-04-02: DJ spot

2011-04-02: Black

2011-04-02: White

2011-04-01: The Queen was not there

2011-03-28: Still some light in the sky after Danish class? I love it!

2011-03-18: The towery of…

2011-03-18: Yellows

2011-03-18: PF/Buddy Beer Pong tournament trophy





2011-02-27: Giacometti

2011-02-27: Panamarenko - Pepto Bismo



2011-02-25: Chin-up bar at 101…

2011-02-17: Trou

2011-01-30: Like in the days where we played ping pong on the streets.

2011-01-21: Fog

2011-01-21: Frozen leaves

2011-01-14: Tabletop tree

2011-01-07: The light

2011-01-04: Lunch time (detail)

2011-01-04: Lunch time

2011-01-04: A “business sight”.

2010-12-31: Happy New Year!

2010-12-25: Best dessert ever.

2010-12-25: Au bord de la Seine












2010-12-13: Dead sound

2010-12-10: A night’s worth of printing


2010-12-05: Foggy road to DTU

2010-12-05: Acoustics Christmas lunch appetizers